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Relationships take work - a lot of work. Our modern, hectic lives don't always allow us to take the time and put for the energy that your relationship requires. 

Do you miss the closeness you used to feel with your partner? Are you at a loss for how to find it again? If so, you’re not alone. Many couples experience distress in their relationships, but few seek help. The decision to meet with a couples therapist is the first step toward reconnecting with your partner.

All relationships require work to keep them thriving. At Blue Water Counseling couples counseling promotes improved communication and conflict resolution skills as well as the insight needed to bring more joy and intimacy into your relationship.

Do you feel emotionally distant from your partner? Do you feel like roommates? Perhaps the intimacy has vanished. Maybe communication has become strained or stalled out.

If any of this rings true, you may benefit from the couples therapy. Loss of intimacy, infidelity, betrayals of trust, addiction, emotional disconnect, and parenting style conflict can all take an emotional toll. Whether you are looking for a tune up in your relationship or if there is something more serious, we have highly trained marriage therapists who are familiar with the most cutting edge couples therapy methods to help you reconnect and find that spark again. Reach out to us to learn how to create a long term happy and sustainable relationship with your partner.


  • Not talking

  • Negative talking

  • Afraid to talk

  • Punishment

  • See each other as adversaries

  • Keeping secrets, romantic or financial affairs

  • Living spearate lives

  • Sex life has shifted, not for the better

  • Argue over the same things over and over

Distanced Couple


  • Gottman method with Imago dialogue. 

grounded on what actually works in relationships that are happy and stable

Our team is passionate about teaching couples the tools they need to communicate, navigate disputes, and raise children as a team. Often what causes problems in marriage is the two individuals unknowingly triggering their significant other’s hurts and defenses. As individuals, we go through things in life that hurt us, and when our partner triggers these hurts, it’s easy to lash out and focus only on yourself. This leads to disputes that spiral and are hard to solve. Committing to marriage counseling also means committing to improving yourself. Through our sessions and workshops, you can begin to heal from your wounds, and your partner will also learn to avoid your triggers. Working together, you can build a better relationship.


At Defining You, our therapists understand that in order for therapy to be effective, a trusting relationship must be formed between the therapist and client. Once a solid rapport has been built, change can happen. Our therapists use a tailored Cognitive-Behavioral approach, along with elements of Solution-Based, Dialectical Behavioral, and Psychoeducation in our client-centered approach to therapy. In doing so, we focus on how your teen's thoughts, feelings, and behavior influence each other while emphasizing how regulating emotions and being mindful can help them find ways to feel safe, regulate their emotions and behaviors, and accept themselves. We make sure to meet their needs and provide specific tools to help them, and you, continue to succeed after therapy is concluded. 

Imagine a future where you're not constantly losing sleep, worrying, or yelling. One where your child feels empowered to handle difficult situations. One where your family is able to communicate with each other without fighting. One where your child is able to express their thoughts and feelings effectively rather than through maladaptive behaviors. The therapists at Defining You Counseling can help make that a reality.


Request a free 15-minute phone consultation or your initial 90-minute session through our online booking tool. 

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