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You never thought that you'd be the parent who spends their nights awake wondering how your child is going to handle your divorce. Or one who worries about their transition to a new school or adjustment to a new family member. Or why they've changed from a happy kid to an irritable teen who is withdrawing from things they previously enjoyed.


You know something is wrong and you may feel that you've done everything you know how. You want to help them through this difficult time and finding someone who will connect with your child while involving you in the healing process is invaluable.

Girl in Therapy



Most teens enter therapy because an authority figure told them they must do so. This presents unique challenges to building rapport and trust that is instrumental in discovering insight and creating change.

At Defining You, our approach to working with teens centers on creating an egalitarian, trusting relationship, where the therapist does not 'talk down', but rather ensures confidentiality and mutual respect.


  • Stress

  • Anxiety, fears, and uncertainty

  • Self-harm/cutting

  • Depression and sadness

  • Struggles with identity

  • Family Issues

  • Dating, break-ups, and relationship concerns

  • Communication challenges

  • Friendships and peer relationships

  • Anger and forgiveness

  • Feelings of isolation

  • Difficulties with academics

  • Self-esteem and personal growth

  • Trauma and abuse recovery

Young Man in Therapy


At Defining You, our therapists understand that in order for therapy to be effective, a trusting relationship must be formed between the therapist and client. Once a solid rapport has been built, change can happen. Our therapists use a tailored Cognitive-Behavioral approach, along with elements of Solution-Based, Dialectical Behavioral, and Psychoeducation in our client-centered approach to therapy. In doing so, we focus on how your teen's thoughts, feelings, and behavior influence each other while emphasizing how regulating emotions and being mindful can help them find ways to feel safe, regulate their emotions and behaviors, and accept themselves. We make sure to meet their needs and provide specific tools to help them, and you, continue to succeed after therapy is concluded. 

Imagine a future where you're not constantly losing sleep, worrying, or yelling. One where your child feels empowered to handle difficult situations. One where your family is able to communicate with each other without fighting. One where your child is able to express their thoughts and feelings effectively rather than through maladaptive behaviors. The therapists at Defining You Counseling can help make that a reality.


At the first session for an older adolescent or teenager, we ask that parents or guardians attend with their child. It is typical for an adolescent to mistrust adults in general, therefore, it is very important that the adolescent client be given the respect of being included in the first session, even if they are reluctant and resistant to the idea of engaging in psychotherapy. In this session we will discuss concerns, identify the goals and frequency of therapy, and review the confidentiality policy, setting the groundwork for a trusting relationship between the client and therapist.

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